Light Cast Media took us to a new level with our streaming media! The staff worked with our team to help us get everything up and running and I would recommend this service to every church that wants to do it right. Shawn Wood, Creative Communications Pastor
Seacoast Church

Each plan includes the industry leading streaming product called MediaSTREAM. With the click of a few buttons you can easily start streaming your media over the Internet today. Light Cast Media's easy-to-use manager, stream analyzer tools, and basic as well as advanced real-time reporting and stats will flat out blow your mind.

We at Light Cast Media support those working to make the world a better place. Our prices listed below are for non and not-for-profit organizations. If your need is for a for-profit company, please contact us.


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* LightCast Media distributes all your data across the CDN for faster, more reliable streaming. Partial distribution allows your current and most recient content to be distributed, but your other content will remain on the home server.

** MediaSTREAM International allows Premium customers to acces the International streaming CDN. All customers will be able to deliver media content internatinally, it will just be delivered from the nearest CDN server located in North America.