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Light Cast Media sits down with Shawn Wood from Seacoast Church. Hear what Shawn thinks about our service. View Interview
Light Cast Media added a new data center in San Jose, California. The LCM network now includes Dallas, Atlanta, New York, San Jose, Amsterdam and Australia.

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"High quality video, flexible solutions and a global network was critical to us. Light Cast Media has proven to be the right choice. Their technology, amazing video quality and global content delivery network has drastically improved our streaming video!"
Bobby Gruenewald, New Campus Dev. Pastor
"Light Cast Media has perfected the art of streaming media delivery over the web. Their support is amazing, and every element of this system is outstanding. These guys rock!"
David Russell
National Community Church
"Light Cast Media took us to a new level with our streaming media! The staff worked with our team to help us get everything up and running and I would recommend this service to every church that wants to do it right."
Shawn Wood, Creative Communications Pastor
Seacoast Church
"Light Cast Media delivered a world class streaming solution for New Testament Fellowship Church"
Pastor Daren Carstens, Sr. Pastor
New Testament Fellowship Church